DEM10KW DC/DC converter

The two-way DCDC module is used for the front end of the energy storage converter, or the light storage and charging unit energy storage battery side, used for the energy transformation of the energy storage unit(battery, super-capacitor) and the network side inverter bus, and is generally used to reduce the energy storage battery series.

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The input of the converter, the output side of the converter is a high voltage DC bus, and it is connected to the grid-connected or off-grid inverter or photovoltaic input. For grid-connected applications, energy storage units can be charged or discharged according to the grid peak price, weather light, and network load conditions. DCDC works in pressure-relief mode when energy storage is charged, and works in pressure-raising mode when discharging. Multi-module work in parallel.

Charging parameters

Input characteristics

Input Voltage


Rated input voltage


Starting time


Max. input current


Discharging parameters

Input characteristics

Input Voltage


Max. discharge current of battery


Input undervoltage shutdown protection


Input overvoltage shutdown protection


  • DEM50K Energy Storage Converter Module
    Modular design,reduce parallel battery,extend battery life;Support multiple modules in parallel,flexible system configuration,reduce the scope of system failure;Small size,light weight,easy to install;The wide range of battery voltage can be realized with the bi-directional DC/DC module;