DHINV Series High-voltage Inverter

Output nearly perfect harmonic-free sine wave;

7-inch touch screen, real-time data recording, and high fault tolerance;

Seven special functions, with the efficiency up to 96%, and higher reliability;

Modular design, higher power density, and high integration;

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Powerful Function

o       Integrated phase-shifting transformer in the cabinet, multi-pulse rectification

o       Real-time monitoring of the whole machine, and fault classification protection

o       Seven functions, such as in-built PID, flying start, and torque boost

o       Multiple bypass schemes available

Modular Design

o       Identical power units, which are easy to maintain

o       Low-voltage rectification inverter, which is economical and reliable

o       Multi-level PWM wave modulation technology without harmonics

o       Real-time operating state monitoring of unit module

o       Automatic bypassing of fault unit

Compact Type

o       Superior performance

o      Safety and reliability

o       Small volume and weight

o       High performance-cost ratio


Input voltage

3/6/10kV three-phase 50Hz

Fluctuation allowed

Voltage: -35%+10%, frequency: ±10%

Control voltage

AC380V three-phase and four-wire (in-built UPS of inverter)


Output voltage


Output frequency

0~50Hz, resolution 0.01Hz

Output current

0~ rated current


Service environment

Indoor, no explosive or corrosive gas

Environment humidity

0~+40°C, <95% no condensation


1000m (upon >1000m, reduce the volume)


Power Factor

0.95 (Above 20% load

Current harmonics

3% (meet the requirements of IEEE519-2014 and GB/T12668.4-2006)

Overload capacity

125% rated current 60s; 150% rated current 3s

Overall efficiency


Soft on/off



Control mode

V/F control

Man-machine interaction

7-Inch touch screen

Operating mode

HMI, remote control box, DCS communication, etc.

System protection

Overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, overcurrent, overheating, communication, access control, etc.

Control signal

Optical fiber communication (controller and power unit)


I/O interface

24-way DI, 16-way DO, 4-way AI and 2-way AO (extensible)

Communication interface

Modbus with Profibus or TCP/IP (optional)


Main functions

Automatic start upon power on, torque boost, flying start, torque limitation, voltage self-adaption, PID regulation, frequency modulation, speeding up and down of broken line, system self-diagnosis, HV bypass, inverter and motor protection, unit fault bypass, etc.

Protection grade

IP 30

Equipment noise