Half Brick Series-DCDC Isolation Module
For this series, output voltage covers 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 24V, 28V, 48V, 54V, etc., power is from 66W to 700W, efficiency is up to 95.5%, support remote Sense, voltage Trim, input rem enabled and so on, can be widely used in the fields of communication, data transmission and distributed power supply system.   
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■ High output voltage precision
■ Low output ripple 
■ MTBF: 2x106 h
■ Switching frequency: 200~400kHz
■ Output overvoltage protection
■ Input undervoltage protection
■ Output overcurrent/short circuit protection
■ Over temperature protection
■ Output voltage trim
■ EN62368 compliant
■ Input-to-output isolation voltage:1.5kVdc/3kVac

Input voltage HARQ14-36S12-CG/HARQ07-36S24-CG/HARQ03-36S54-CG 8.5~54V -
HSR50-24S12-LB-CG/HSR21-24S28-LB-CG 18~36V -
HSR Series
HSR60-48S3V3-LB-CG/HSR50-48S5-LB-CG/HDR-1002SCG/ HDR-L1002SC-T-CG/HSR30-48S12 Series/HSR50-48S12-LB-CG/HDR-L35028SC-CG5/HSR25-48S28-LB-CG/HSR14-48S50-LB-CG
36~75V -
HARQ*-110S* Series 43~160V -
HAR17-L110S12-L-CG 66~160V -
HDR-30012SE-CG/HDR-50028SE-CG/HDR-50048SE-CG 200~425V -
HDR-30012SF-CG/HDR-50028SF-CG/HDR-50048SF-CG 400~650V -
Regulated voltage ALL ±1% Rated input voltage
Load regulation ALL ±0.5% Rated input voltage(I=0-Imax)
Line regulation ALL ±0.2% Vin=Vmin-Vmax(I=Imax)
Input undervoltage protection ALL Yes -  
Output overvoltage protection ALL Yes -  
Output overcurrent protection ALL Yes -  
Output short circuit protection ALL Yes -  
Over temperature protection ALL Yes -  
Operating baseplate temp ALL -40~100 -  
Storage temp ALL -55~125 -  
Environment characteristics ALL RoHS6 compliant -  
Manufacturability ALL Wave soldering Bitmap
Moisture sensitive level  ALL MSL rating 1 -  
HARQ14-36S12-CG 8.5-54Vdc 12V/13.5A 162W 84% 200mV Positive logic Aluminum plate
HARQ07-36S24-CG 8.5-54Vdc 24V/6.8A 163.2W 86% 360mV Positive logic Aluminum plate
HARQ03-36S54-CG 8.5-54Vdc 54V/3A 162W 89% 1000mV Positive logic Aluminum plate
HSR50-24S12-LB-CG 18-36Vdc 12V/50A 600W 92.5% 240mV Negative logic Baseplate
HSR21-24S28-LB-CG 18-36Vdc 28V/21.5A 600W 93% 400mV Negative logic Baseplate
HSR-L066ASC-T-CG5** 36-75Vdc 3.3V/20A 66W 89% 80mV Negative logic Aluminum plate
HSR-L100ASC-TG** 36-75Vdc 3.3V/30A 100W 83% 100mV Negative logic Aluminum plate
HSR-L133ASC-T-CG5** 36-75Vdc 3.3V/40A 133W 89% 100mV Negative logic Aluminum plate
HSR60-48S3V3-LB-CG 36-75Vdc 3.3V/60A 198W 91% 100mV Negative logic Baseplate
HSR-L1001SC-TG 36-75Vdc 5V/20A 100W 88% 100mV Negative logic Aluminum plate
HSR50-48S5-LB-CG 36-75Vdc 5V/50A 250W 94% 100mV Negative logic Baseplate
HDR-1002SCG** 36-75Vdc 12V/8.3A 100W 90% 100mV Positive logic Aluminum plate
HDR-L1002SC-T-CG 36-75Vdc 12V/8.3A 100W 90% 250mV Negative logic Aluminum plate
HSR30-48S12-L-CG 36-75Vdc 12V/30A 360W 95% 200mV Negative logic Open frame
HSR30-48S12-LB-CG 36-75Vdc 12V/30A 360W 95% 200mV Negative logic Baseplate
HSR50-48S12-LB-CG 36-75Vdc 12V/50A 600W 94.5% 240mV Negative logic Baseplate
HDR-L35028SC-CG5 36-75Vdc 28V/12.5A 350W 89% 280mV Negative logic Aluminum plate
HSR-L45028SC-TE-CG 36-75Vdc 28V/16A 450W 93.5% 100mV Negative logic Aluminum plate
HSR25-48S28-LB-CG 36-75Vdc 28V/25A 700W 95.5% 200mV Negative logic Baseplate
HSR14-48S48-LB-CG* 36-75Vdc 50V/14A 700W 95.5% 400mV Negative logic Baseplate
HARQ12-110S12-CG* 43-160Vdc 12V/12.5A 150W 87% 200mV Positive logic Aluminum plate
HARQ25-110S12-CG 43-160Vdc 12V/25A 300W 90% 120mV Positive logic Aluminum plate
HARQ06-110S24-CG 43-160Vdc 24V/6.25A 150W 89% 120mV Positive logic Aluminum plate
HARQ13-110S24-CG 43-160Vdc 24V/12.5A 300W 92% 200mV Positive logic Aluminum plate
HARQ08-110S36-CG 43-160Vdc 36V/8.35A 300W 92% 300mV Positive logic Aluminum plate
HARQ06-110S48-CG 43-160Vdc 48V/6.25A 300W 92.5% 400mV Positive logic Aluminum plate